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Upcoming Exhibitions

Paper Trails

Triton Museum of Art   Santa Clara, CA

August 4th – October 28th, 2018

Brown Bag Artist Talk: August 22nd

Reception: Friday, September 7th, 6-8PM 

Michael Shemchuk is a self-taught mixed media artist. His work reflects his love of design, process, and visual communication. Shemchuk uses both paint and collage by combining color, line, and composition to create layered textured surfaces exploring the shift to a paperless culture. What does this shift mean to an archive? Shemschuck’s artistic process of layering and unlayering unfolds a cultural narrative and is itself an archive of paper remnants such as outdated tech manual, hand written notes, or an old utility bill. This work traces lives lived leaving us to ponder what it may mean when these vestiges are no longer visible.


Surface Tension 

Jen Tough Gallery  Benicia, CA

November 30th-December 21st, 2018

Reception: Saturday, December 1st.

Art exhibition and installation 

Earthly Evidence at Jen Tough Gallery, July 14 – August 6 2017

Thrilled to be exhibiting with Carol and Mark in this show at Jen Tough. Hope you get a chance to visit. 

Earthly Evidence is a small invitational group show featuring work by Carol Dalton, Mark Eanes and Michael Shemchuk. Not to be missed, these Bay Area artists have exhibited together before but not for years. Each artist works with found materials including paper, maps, old text books, and other ephemera mixed with paint and mediums …. creating layers of “Earthly Evidence”. Show will run until Sunday, August 6. Check for gallery hours.


Pence Gallery Davis CA workshop

                    tags 48″ x 86″

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Natalie

Dates:  June 17-18 2017


Mixed Media Workshop

“Abstraction by Design” A mixed media workshop given by Michael Shemchuk(Shem).

Shemchuk is a SF Bay Area artist who is represented by several fine art galleries.He shows his work internationally.  His mixed media abstractions combine the use color, line, textures and composition to enable a pictorially designed space that is layered with both a visual meaning and an undeniable intentionality.

The Exercise: We will be working on a diptych:Duets.(Two separate panels synced to work as one linear piece).The focus here is to simplify and un-clutter. To create ,within the square, a surface with fine textures, limited color and delicate line(marks). The materials (mediums) we use are also limited: Paper, paint (6 colors) & graphite. Students in this work shop will not only be employing their painting and collage skills, but will also be applying their design, balance and layout skills as well. 

NOTE:   Class size limited to 8 students

WHEN:   June 17-18 2017

WHERE:   Pence Gallery Davis CA