Pence Gallery Davis CA workshop

                    tags 48″ x 86″

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Natalie

Dates:  June 17-18 2017


Mixed Media Workshop

“Abstraction by Design” A mixed media workshop given by Michael Shemchuk(Shem).

Shemchuk is a SF Bay Area artist who is represented by several fine art galleries.He shows his work internationally.  His mixed media abstractions combine the use color, line, textures and composition to enable a pictorially designed space that is layered with both a visual meaning and an undeniable intentionality.

The Exercise: We will be working on a diptych:Duets.(Two separate panels synced to work as one linear piece).The focus here is to simplify and un-clutter. To create ,within the square, a surface with fine textures, limited color and delicate line(marks). The materials (mediums) we use are also limited: Paper, paint (6 colors) & graphite. Students in this work shop will not only be employing their painting and collage skills, but will also be applying their design, balance and layout skills as well. 

NOTE:   Class size limited to 8 students

WHEN:   June 17-18 2017

WHERE:   Pence Gallery Davis CA






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